Helping leaders build their leadership confidence, competence, and effectiveness.

We bring expert coaching and training skills designed to drive extraordinary personal and organizational results. We help clients get clear on their agenda and their strengths. And we help them close the gap between their performance and potential.

Leadership Coaching

We provide expert coaching services to help leaders develop a focused set of competencies critical to their success.  Leaders learn to leverage their strengths, address the patterns that hold them back and ultimately to build their ability to have the impact and influence they desire.

We support management teams to become high performing and productive, able to produce the outcomes they desire.  We help them build the skills and capacities for holding important conversations, giving and receiving feedback and holding each other accountable to the commitments that they make.

We facilitate the development of leadership competencies with a group of leaders.  We build on the synergy of the group to support insight and reflection.  We utilize a variety of learning experiences, including peer coaching, strategic assignments and action learning.

Leadership Assessment

We have developed a robust toolbox of assessment instruments and processes and masterfully incorporate them into our work. We select the most relevant instruments to use in a coaching engagement. These assessments can also be used as a stand-alone process to support the individual or group in building insight and focus on priority development areas. more >

Leadership Workshops

We bring our deep expertise in the art and science of creating and delivering a custom curriculum tailored to the development needs of the participants.  We build in various types of reinforcements outside of the sessions, including homework, practice assignments, and follow up action reviews. more >