Team Coaching

A high performing team is not a chance event.  It requires skill at the personal and team level for a team to operate at its best.  With our extensive tool kit of assessments, processes and methodologies and our deep expertise in facilitating team learning and development, we custom-tailor approaches to what the team needs. Our team engagements combine coaching, consulting, facilitating, and skill building training.

We work closely with the leaders of teams and the team members in learning about themselves, each other, and the practice of effective team behaviors. Through our work together, they build team emotional intelligence – deepening relationships, learning how to support one another and manage conflict.

Our Approach:

We are flexible in our approach and collaborate with our clients to ensure that our work fits with the team’s situation and objectives.

Typically, our approach includes understanding the current situation, crystallizing the team’s key opportunities, identifying the best approaches to build sustainable progress and supporting the team in building their ongoing effectiveness.


Build Individual and Team Insight

Using a personality instrument (such as The Hogan or MBTI), members gain insight into their own personalities as well as the collective team profile.  With this insight, differences can be valued and commitments made for more effective communication and decision-making.


Assess Current Team Functioning

We collect data about the team through interviews or surveys and using a Team Emotional Intelligence instrument, if desired.  With the results, we paint a clear picture of the collective views, needs, and expectations of the team members and opportunities for further development.


Develop Roadmap for Sustainable Progress

Specific action plans and structures are clearly defined for the team’s ongoing learning, skill development and collaboration.  Team and individual coaching is often provided to ensure results.


Ongoing Team Coaching

We often support the team for a specified period of time, e.g., 6 months, to build the skills to operate at the highest level.  We get really specific about the new behaviors needed and we provide opportunities and guidance to incorporate these behaviors.