Individual Coaching

Leaders seek coaching because they want something to change – maybe it is to make an even more significant contribution, or “up their game,” or to lead a more balanced life, to name a few.

Coaching is powerful! It provides a rare opportunity for leaders to build clarity about what they want and what gets in the way. We serve as a confidential thought partner who provides structured requests, practices and reflection. Leaders get to experiment with new ways of thinking and acting that propel them to a higher level of performance and fulfillment.


We offer two levels of executive coaching:

Targeted Coaching

3–5 sessions

Laser-focused attention to address a specific issue or concentrated help for a rising leader.   Targeted coaching sessions, supported by 360 and personality assessments, provide immediate insight and support.

In-Depth Coaching

6–9 months

We provide expert coaching services to help leaders develop a focused set of competencies critical to their success. Leaders learn to leverage their strengths, address the patterns that hold them back and ultimately to build their ability to have the impact and influence they desire.

Sample Areas of Focus

  • Communicating with Influence
  • Thinking Strategically
  • Holding Difficult Conversations
  • Expanding Emotional Intelligence
  • Building Relationships
  • Building a High Performance Team
  • Building Leadership Presence
  • Executing and Producing Results
  • Managing Time and Energy



Scope Engagement

With the leader and sponsoring manager, we scope out the preliminary thinking about the engagement – length, process, and desired outcomes.


Assess and Gather Data

We begin with data to help focus the coaching work. We conduct a full intake with the leader and select and integrate the most relevant self- and stakeholder assessments.


Develop Action Plan

We design a development plan in close collaboration with the leader. This plan includes a tactical program to practice new behaviors and mindsets.


Ongoing Coaching

We meet regularly with the leader to support their focus on their action plan and on reflection and learning. We remind the leader of their larger goals even when they think they are out of reach.